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Earth Rated Poop Bag Class Action Settlement

Plaintiffs Meganne Natale and Chelsea Cheng (collectively, the “Class Representatives”) allege that they were misled by 9199-4467 Quebec Inc. d/b/a Earth Rated (“Earth Rated”) into believing that their Product, Earth Rated Certified Compostable Poop Bags (the “Certified Compostable Poop Bags”) were “compostable.” Earth Rated deny all accusations of wrongdoing. The Court has not determined who is right; however, the Parties have agreed to a settlement to avoid the uncertainties and expenses associated with ongoing litigation.
You are included in this Settlement if you purchased one or more units of Certified Compostable Poop Bags between October 28, 2015, and June 13, 2024, and are thus eligible to receive a payment from the Settlement Fund of $2.00 per unit of Certified Compostable Poop Bag purchased, up to $6.00 if you are without proof of purchase, and $2.00 per unit of Certified Compostable Poop Bag purchased, subject to no cap if you have proof of purchase.
Visit the Settlement's FAQs and Important Documents sections for more information.
You may also review this document, notably page 3, Items #7-9 , for more details on the settlement benefits that Class Members can claim.


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Garcinia Class Action Litigation Settlement
Garcinia Class Action Litigation Settlement

The Defendant, Sports Research Corporation (“Sports Research”), allegedly misled consumers because they labeled their Garcinia Cambogia Product claiming “weight management,” “appetite suppression” and/or “appetite control” even if they cannot actually provide said benefits. The Defendant denies the lawsuit’s allegations and any malpractice, but they have agreed to a settlement to lay the claims to rest and avoid litigation costs. In exchange for a waiver and release of their claims, the participating class members will be provided with monetary relief, as detailed below. If you take part in the Settlement, you waive and release any claims against Sports Research regarding the labeling and marketing of the Product. Visit the Settlement's FAQs and Documents sections for more details.


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