Anthem Data Breach Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

You are a Settlement Class Member, and you are affected by this Settlement, if:

  • You received a notice from Anthem concerning the Data Breach that was announced in February 2015;
  • Your personal information was taken during the Data Breach, and is included in Anthem’s Member Impact Database.

Estimated Amount


  • Credit Monitoring
  • Cash Payment in Lieu of Credit Monitoring
  • Fraud Resolution Services
  • Out of Pocket Losses

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

In re: Anthem Inc. Data Breach Litigation,
Case No. 5:15-md-02617-LHK

District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

In February 2015, Anthem announced that it had been the subject of a cyberattack which resulted in the theft of information stored in Anthem’s databases concerning approximately 79 million people (the “Data Breach”). The information taken in this Data Breach may have included names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, health care ID numbers, home addresses, email addresses, and employment information, including income data.

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the individuals impacted by the Data Breach against Anthem, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and certain Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies who had members with data stored on Anthem’s databases that was taken in the Data Breach, even though they were not Anthem members. The Plaintiffs claim that Defendants failed to adequately protect their personal information and that they were injured as a result. Defendants deny any wrongdoing, and no court or other entity has made any judgment or other determination of any wrongdoing or that the law has been violated.

Settlement Pool





In re: Anthem Inc. Data Breach Litigation


P.O. Box 404012

Louisville, KY 40233-9821