ARCO & ARCO-AMPM Debit Card Use Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

To be a class member you must have purchased gasoline at ARCO and ARCO-AMPM gas stations in Oregon.

Purchases must have been completed between January 1, 2011 and August 30, 2013 using a debit card, and the purchaser must have paid a transaction fee.

Estimated Amount

$200 minus attorney’s fees (the amount may be adjusted pro rata based on the number of claims).

Proof of Purchase

You must provide the name of the issuing bank, your name and the last five digits of the debit card

Case Name

Scharfstein v. BP West Coast Products LLC,
No. 1112-17046
State of Oregon Circuit Court for Multnomah County

Case Summary

According to the lawsuit, Arco charged more for gasoline than the amount registered at the pump and and did not properly disclose its prices when it charged debit card holders a debit card transaction fee. The defendant denies the claims in this case and plans to appeal the jury verdict.

Settlement Pool





Scharfstein v. BP West Coast Products LLC
P.O. Box 3266
Portland, OR 97208-3266