Bayer One-A-Day WeightSmart Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

To be a member of this class you must have purchased Bayer One-A-Day WeightSmart dietary supplements and vitamins in the State of Florida from Jan. 1, 2002 through Jan. 8, 2015.

Estimated Amount

Up to $250

The settlement may be adjusted pro rata up or down depending on the number of valid claims submitted.

Proof of Purchase

Not Required

Those submitting proof of purchase will receive a larger share of the settlement.

Claim Form

One A Day Weight Management Supplement Claim Form

Form is PDF only you may submit via email

Case Name

Gabriel Joseph Carrera v. Bayer Corporation and Bayer Healthcare, LLC,
Case No. 08-cv-04716 (JLL)
District Court for the District of New Jersey

Case Summary

When and if approved this settlement will resolve allegations that Bayer made misleading advertising and marketing statements that One-A-Day WeightSmart could help“increase metabolism”, thus preventing weight gain for consumers over 30 years of age.

Settlement Pool





Bayer Florida Settlement Administrator
c/o Angeion Group
1801 Market Street, Suite 660
Philadelphia, PA 19103