Blue Cross Blue Shield Hospital Costs Settlement (Michigan Hospitals)

Class Eligibility

The Settlement includes all direct purchasers of healthcare services from a Michigan General Acute Care Hospital between January 1, 2006 and June 23, 2014. The Class includes:

  • Individuals who paid Michigan General Acute Care Hospitals in the form of co-pays, co-insurance, or otherwise;
  • Insurers that paid Michigan General Acute Care Hospitals for their insureds; and
  • Self-insured entities whose health plan participants received healthcare services at Michigan General Acute Care Hospitals.

Estimated Amount

A minimum of $15 to $25

The amount received will depend on a variety of factors. Please refer to the official settlement page for details

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

The Shane Group Inc. v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan,
Case No. 2:10-cv-14360

District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

Case Summary

Plaintiffs allege that BCBSM violated federal and state laws by using most favored nation clauses in contracts with 70 general acute care hospitals in Michigan. Plaintiffs claim that these clauses inflated prices for healthcare services at several Michigan hospitals. BCBSM denies Plaintiffs’ allegations, denies any wrongdoing, and contends that its actions caused lower, not higher, hospital prices.

Settlement Pool





Shane Group v. BCBSM Settlement

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