California Monier Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

You are a member of the settlement if you have Monier, Inc. slurry-coated concrete roofing tiles on your roof that were sold during January 1, 1978 and August 14, 1997. Also, prior to buying your home or structure, or obtaining your Monier, Inc. roofing tile product, you must have been misguided by or on behalf of Monier about the tiles’ 50-year life span, permanent color, or the maintenance free aspect.

Estimated Amount

Homeowners may receive $3,705 per home and commerical property owners may be subject to $400 per every 30 roofing squares.

Proof of Purchase

Address of home/structure with Monier tiles, property ownership documentation, and photos showing Monier tiles.

Case Name

McAdams v. Monier, Inc.,
Case No. SCV 16410,

Superior Court of California, Placer County.

Case Summary

Monier is accused of making misleading statements about slurry-coated concrete roofing tiles that Monier Inc. manufactured during January 1, 1978 to August 14, 1997.

Settlement Pool





Monier Tile Class Action
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Portland, OR 97208-4068