Charlotte Russe Class Action

Class Eligibility:

Anyone who made a credit card purchase in a California Charlotte Russe Store, between 8/26/10 and 3/14/13, whose personal information was requested and recorded (e.g. email address).

Estimated Amount:

The settlement provides as follows depending on the number of purchases you made and whether you have proof of purchase (credit card statements or receipts).

  • 20% Off – twenty percent off any purchase at Charlotte Russe (California stores only)
  • $10 Voucher – ten dollars off any purchase (California stores only)
Proof of Purchase:

Last four digits of the credit card you used.

Claim Form: Charlotte Russe Class Action Claim Form
Case Name: Orozco v. Charlotte Russe, Inc. Litigation,
Case No. BC468486
Case Summary:

It is alleged that Charlotte Russe unlawfully solicited and recorded personal identification email from customers who use a credit card in violation of California Civil Code Section 1747.08. Charlotte Russe denies any wrongdoing. The case was settled before it was decided by a court.

We think it is fascinating that the California legislature think that Californians need protection from evil companies that ask for their email address at the cash register. Apparently they don’t think Californians are capable of simply saying no.

Settlement Pool: Not applicable
Settlement Website: Charlotte Ruse Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: August 26, 2013
Claims Administrator: Orozco v. Charlotte Russe, Inc.
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 35056
Seattle, WA 98124-3508