Chula Vista Cellular Phone Users

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers anyone who paid for a cell phone after April 2010, with a billing address in Chula Vista.

Estimated Amount:

The settlement fund has three tiers depending on whether you can submit a proof of purchase:

  • No Proof of Purchase – flat $35 payment
  • Proof of Purchase 1 – if you have at least one bill per year, $50 per year ($150)
  • Proof of Purchase 2 – if you have two or more bills per year, you are eligble for a full refund of your TUT tax.
Proof of Purchase:

NOT required for basic $35 claim.

Required for $50 per year claim or for full refund of taxes claim.

Claim Form: Chula Vista Cell Phone Claim Form
Case Name: Villa, Carla et. al v. City of Chula Vista
(Superior Court of California, County of San Diego)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs alleged that the City of Chula Vista imposed an unlawful tax (TUT) on mobile phones from April 2010 to April 2013. The city denies liability, but the parties agreed to settle before the case could be heard and decided by a court.

Settlement Pool: unknown
Settlement Website: Chula Vista Phone Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: July 31, 2013
Claims Administrator: Villa v. City of Chula Vista
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 8060
San Rafael, CA 94912-8060