CRT Indirect Purchaser Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

Class Members of the CRT class action settlement include individuals and businesses who purchased a CRT or product containing a CRT, such as a TV or computer monitor, in the following states for their own use and not resale:

  • Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin or the District of Columbia between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007
  • Hawaii between June 25, 2002 and November 25, 2007
  • Nebraska between July 20, 2002 and November 25, 2007
  • Nevada between February 4, 1999 and November 25, 2007

To be eligible to make a claim, you must have purchased the CRT televisions, monitors or other CRT Products “indirectly”, meaning that you purchased the products from someone other than the defendant manufacturers or alleged co-conspirators. Purchases made directly from a defendant or alleged co-conspirator are not included. Persons or businesses who purchased directly from a defendant manufacturer or alleged co-conspirator should visit the direct purchasers for additional information.

What is a CRT? The cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube containing one or more electron guns, and a phosphorescent screen used to view images. The CRT was a main component of old-style televisions and monitors.

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Case Name

In re: Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Antitrust Litigation
MDL No. 1917
District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

The lawsuit claims that the Defendants fixed the prices of CRTs causing consumers to pay more for CRTs and products containing CRTs, such as TVs and computer monitors (collectively “CRT Products”). The Defendants deny Plaintiffs’ allegations.

The defendants deny the allegations but the court has preliminarily approved some of the settlements

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