Cryptsy Cryptocurrency Access Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

This settlement includes Cryptsy account owners who held Bitcoins, alternative cryptocurrencies, or any other form of monies or currency at Cryptsy as of November 1, 2015, through June 2, 2017, and are unable to access their cryptocurrency may be Class Members (a) who are eligible for a payment from the settlements when the funds are distributed, and (b) on whose behalf the lawsuit will continue against the Non-Settling Defendants. (Excluded from the Class are all employees of Cryptsy, including its shareholders, officers and directors and members of their immediate families.)

Estimated Amount


As a member of the class you will receive a share of the total pool. Note that the amount of the pool is still to be determined as some of the assets included have not yet been liquidated

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

BRANDON LEIDEL, and MICHAEL WILSON, individually, and on behalf of All Others Similarly Situated,Plaintiffs, v.PROJECT INVESTORS, INC.,d/b/a CRYPTSY, a Florida corporation, PAUL VERNON, an individual, and LORIE ANN NETTLES, an individual,

Case No.: 9:16-cv-80060

District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

The class action lawsuit claims that:

(1) Defendant Project Investors, Inc. d/b/a Cryptsy (“Cryptsy”) and Paul Vernon (“Vernon”) stole and converted for their own use the cryptocurrencies of the Cryptsy account holders;

(2) Defendant Lori Ann Nettles (“Nettles”) was unjustly enriched as a result of assets that she received that were purchased with the proceeds of cryptocurrency taken from the Cryptsy account holders during her marriage to, and in her divorce from, Vernon; and

(3) Defendants Ridgewood Investments, Inc. (“Ridgewood”) and Kaushal Majmudar (“KM”) were unjustly enriched as a result of consulting fees they received from Cryptsy.

Settlement Pool


Please note that the receiver is in the process of liquidating assets, once the assets are liquidated the pool will be divided among qualified class members




Cryptsy Cryptocurrency Administrator

1801 Market Street,

Suite 660 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Facsimile: 1-215-525-0209
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