Detroit Incinerator Class Action Air Pollution Settlement

Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you are a person or entity that rented or owned and resided at residential property located within the Class Area at any point in time between July 28, 2011 and the present; 2) all persons who provided data sheets to Liddle & Dubin, P.C. regarding Defendants’ emissions; and 3) all persons who have made complaints to the MDEQ regarding Defendants’ emissions. The Class Area means the geographic area within Wayne County, Michigan that is highlighted in Exhibit 2 of the Settlement Agreement.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase

Evidence of residence

Case Name

Joseph Watkins, et. al. v. Detroit Renewable Power LLC

Case No. 14-009701-NZ
Wayne County Circuit Court

Case Summary

According to the settlement there were emissions,pollutants and air contaminants and noxious odors generating from the defendants facilities and affecting the air quality of the surrounding areas

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