Domino’s Pizza Robocall (LA, AL, MS)

Class Eligibility:

The lawsuit alleges that Domino’s Pizza Franchisee (RPM Pizza) violated the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using unsolicited Robocalls in the states Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Estimated Amount: The settlement amount depends on the date of the phone call

  • 5/20/06 – 5/19/09: Voucher for a large pizza
  • 5/20/09 – 5/20/10: $15

Note that if you received calls during both those timeframes, you need to elect one of the above two settlements (but not both).

Proof of Purchase: There is a phone number checker tool that allows you to see if you were on the robocall list.
Claim Form: Domino’s Pizza Robocall Claim Form
Case Name: Spillman v. Domino’s Pizza LLC and RPM Pizza LLC, Case No. 10-349
Case Summary:

A Domino’s subsidiary was accused of making unlawful robocalls to drum up business. Turns out to have been a very expensive form of advertising!

Settlement Pool: Up to $9,750,000
Settlement Website: Domino’s Robocall Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: May 4, 2013
Claims Administrator: Pizza Settlement
P.O. Box 2881
Faribault, MN 55021-8681
(877) 552 – 1288