FitFlop Footwear Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of FitFlop footwear between 1/1/2007 and 1/8/2014. The eligible products were marketed as containing Microwobbleboard™ Technology and may have contained the “MICROWOBBLEBOARD™” symbol on their sole. The affected products include:

Category 1 – Boy’s Hyker, Boy’s Leather Clog, Boy’s Scrambler, Ciela, Dass, Electra, Electra Strata, Freeway, Fringe, Gemma, Girl’s Electra, Girl’s Happy Gogh, Girl’s Hyka, Girl’s Liberty Gogh Far, Girl’s Oasis, Girl’s Scrambler, Gogh II, Hyka, Isos, Kids’s Gogh Far, Lucia, Luna, Men’s Freeway, Men’s Hyker, Navajo, Oasis, Oasis II, Pietra, Positano, Rebel, Roma, Super Jelly, Trakk, WalkStar, WalkStar Disney, WalkStar II, WalkStar III, WalkStar Slide

Category 2 – A. O. Boot, Airman Boot, Alphaboot, Amasterdam, Arena, Arena Slide, Astrid, Bijoo, Billow, Blizzboot, Bon Easy, Boy’s Chukker, Boy’s FF Funsneaker, Buzz, Byker Boot, Byrd Boot, Bon, Cha Cha, Chada, Chada Sandal, Charley Boot, Ciela Slide, Crossover Shuv, Crossover ShuvM, Crush Boot, Crystalulu, Chukker, Dash, Dinomuk, Dino-Shuv, F-Boot, FF Supersneaker, FF Supertone, FFBuzz,
Ffisher, Fiorella, Flare, Flare Sandal, Flare Slide, Fleur, Fleur Sandal, Flex, Flex Hi-Top, Flex Loafer, Flora, Florent, Floretta, Freeway II, Frou, FF supersneaker High, Flex Boot, Gemini, Girl’s Blizz Boot, Girl’s FF funsneaker, Girl’s Superblizz Boot, Gladda, Gladiatior, Gogh, Gogh Leather, Gogh MOC, Gogh Pro, Gogh Sandal, Gogh Shearling, Gogh Slide, Gogh Suede, Hanabira, Happy Gogh, Hooper, Hooper Boot Short, Hoooer Boot Tall, Hop, Hyka Boot, Ibiza, Ike Boot, Ike Sneaker, Inuk, Joplin, Kid’s Mukluk, Koooper, KYS, Landsurfer, Lewis, Lewis Boot, Lexx, Lolla, Lunge deluze, Lucie (Loafer), Lucy (Loop), Lulu, Lulu Silky, Lulu Slide, Luna Pop, Lunetta, Manyano, Manyano Slide, Men’s Gogh Shearling, Men’s Mukluck, Men’s Shuv, Monty, Monty Boatmoc, Mukluck, Mukluk Explorer, Mukluk MOC2, Nauti, Nova, Ollo, Ollo Sandal, Palma, Pietra II, Pietra II Slide, Polar Sneaker, Pom, Raff, Riata, Rock Chic, Rock Chic Slide, Rokkit, Sakoha, Sho Shuv, Silver Boot (Short), Silver Boot (Tall), Sling, Sling M, Sling M Sandal, Sling Sandal, Sling-Comber, Sneak-Hiker, Snugger, Sooo, Souza, ST70 Sneaker, Suisei, Summa, Superblizz Boot, Superboot Short, Superbooot tall, Superduck, SuperTone M, Supertop, The Cuddler, The Jones, The Skinny, TIA, Trakk II, Trella, Ultra Lounge, Via, Walkstar Rockstar, Whirl, Xosa, Yoko, Yoko Sandal

Estimated Amount:

$25 per pair up to $60 for Category 1

$40 per pair up to $100 for Category 2

Note you can make a maximum of two claims without proof of purchase

Proof of Purchase:

Not required for purchases of two pairs or less.

Claim Form: FitFlop Class Action
Case Name: Rosales v. FitFlop USA, LLC,
Case No.: 3:11-cv-973-W(KSC)
Southern District of California
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs content that FitFlop footwear engaged in deceptive conduct by advertising that their shoe technology could provide a variety of health and fitness benefits to include calorie burning, improved posture and reduced cellulite. The defendants denied the allegations.

If you can’t trust the scientific claims made by your flip-flop manufacturer, what has the world come to.

Settlement Pool: $5,300,000
Settlement Website: FitFlop Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: June 27, 2014
Claims Administrator: Rosales v. FitFlop USA, LLC
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 35109
Seattle, WA 98124-5109
(800) 203-8691
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