20th Century Fox Home Video Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

Class members are all persons and entities (and their successors-in-interest, assigns, and heirs) that are parties to a “Class Profit Participation Contract” (defined by the Settlement Agreement as a Profit Participation Contract using form definitions drafted by Fox before May 31, 1989, that, either as initially drafted or later amended, do not state an express percentage of Home Video Revenue and/or Electronic Sell-Through Revenue to use in calculating a Profit Participation).

When a person or entity is a party to both, (a) one or more Class Profit Participation Contracts; and (b) one or more profit participation contracts that do not meet the definition of a Class Profit Participation Contract, that person or entity is a member of the settlement class only with regard to the Class Profit Participation Contract(s).

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Stanley Donen Films Inc. v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation,
Case No. BC 499181

Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles, Central Civil West Division

Case Summary

This lawsuit claims that Fox failed to properly account for and pay motion picture profit participants (e.g. producers, writers, directors, and actors) in regard to Home Video Revenue, Electronic Sell-Through Revenue, and VOD Revenue under profit participation contracts that do not include express provisions regarding the treatment of such revenues for calculation of profit participation.

Settlement Pool





Fox Home Video Settlement

c/o Angeion Group

1801 Market St., Ste 660

Philadelphia, PA 19103


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