Full Tilt Poker Remission Claims

Class Eligibility:

Full Tilt Poker Account holders who had an account balance are eligible to make a claim for their account.

Estimated Amount:

Your rebate will be equal to the balance of your Full Tilt account balance. This amount be lower if claims exceed the available fund.

Proof of Purchase:


Claim Form: Full Tilt Poker Claim Form
Case Name: United States v. PokerStars
Case Summary:

When Full Tilt Pokwer and PokerStars settled with the US governement, they agreed to forfeit their assets to the U.S. government.

Settlement Pool: $547,000,000
Settlement Website: Full Tilt Poker Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: November 16, 2013
Claims Administrator: Full Tilt Poker Claims Administration
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 9965
Dublin, Ohio 43017-5965