Gentek Steel Siding Settlement

Class Eligibility: The settlement covers Gentek Steel Siding manufactured from 1/1/91 to 3/15/13, where the surface finish on the siding has started to separate from the steel.

The siding was sold under the following brand names: Alside, Gentek, Revere, Alcan, and Reynolds

And it was sold under the following product names: SteelTek, SteelSide Steel, Driftwood Steel, Universal Steel, Saddlewood, Satinwood, Willow, Westwood, Aspen, Sequoia, Americut, Cedarwood, Supergard, Seamless, Reynolds Continuum, Reynolds Craftmark, and Penna-Finish.

Estimated Amount: The settlement gives Gentek two opportunities to fix the siding. On the third occassion the owner can either have Gentek attempt a third repair or pay $8,000.
Proof of Purchase: The settlement doesn’t make clear whether you need a proof of purchase, but presumably having the siding on your house is all the proof you need!
Claim Form: To file a claim, call the administrator on the number below.
Case Name: Eliason, et al v. Gentek Building Products, Inc., et al
, Case No. 1:10-cv-2093 (N.D. Ohio)
Case Summary: The plaintiffs alleged that Gentek steel siding products are defective and start to exhibit steel peel. They also complain that Gentek does not honor it’s limited lifetime warranty.
Settlement Pool: The settlement is capped at 750 claims.
Settlement Website: Gentek Steel Siding Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: n/a. You may file a claim while the product is still under warranty. (Typically lifetime for the first owner, 50 years for the second owner)
Claims Administrator: Gentek Siding Administrator
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 8060
San Rafael, CA 94912-8060
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