Hertz PlatePass Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Renters of a Hertz vehicle, between 7/1/06 and 3/31/10, who were billed for Tolls by the PlatePass system.

Estimated Amount:

First Use of PlatePass – 67% refund of fees.

Subsequent Use of PlatePass – 38% refund of fees

Proof of Purchase:

Rental details or class action postcard

Claim Form: PlatePass Toll Fees Claim Form
Case Name: Susan Doherty, et al. v. Hertz Corp. et al.,
Case No.: 1:10-cv-00359-NLH-KWM
Case Summary:

PlatePass is a system that automatically bills car renters for tolls incurred while driving along with an administrative fee. The administrative fee could often be much higher than the actual toll. For example on a $1 toll, the fee could be as high as $10.

Plaintiffs allege that they did not know they were being signed up to PlatePass and that the scheme was deceptive. Defendants deny the allegations. The parties both agreed to settle the case before it went to trial.

It seems like rental car companies hop from scheme to scheme. They rent the cars for ridiculously low prices, then try to make the money back with one silly novelty after another. $10/day for GPS or a car seat. $50 for insurance you don’t need. $8/gallon if you forget to fill up. Now this toll pass scheme.

I have a mental picture of Dr Evil and Mini Me at Hertz headquarters plotting one petty scheme after another to fleece a couple of dollars out of consumers.

Settlement Pool: $11,000,000
Settlement Website: Hertz PlatePass Toll Fees Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: November 11, 2013
Claims Administrator: Hertz PlatePass Settlement
PO Box 3615
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0615
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