InSinkerator F201 Water Filter Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

all persons or entities who, as of January 22, 2018, own or lease a residence or other structure located in the United States that contains both an installed InSinkErator F-201 Instant Hot Water Dispenser Filtration System and an Old Filter. An Old Filter is an F-201R filter cartridge manufactured from 2001 through January 31, 2011. You can see the diagram here to help you identify if you have an old filter

Estimated Amount


As a class member you may seek filter replacements, monetary compensation for old filters at the rate of $15 per filter with a maximum of 3 filters claimed or property damages up to 100% of the expenses incurred but it could potentially be less based on the # of valid claims.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Richard Desio et al. v. InSinkErator et al
Civ. No 2:15-cv-00346 (E.D. Wa.).

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington

Case Summary

The Court in charge of the case is the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington, and the case is a class action known as Richard Desio et al. v. InSinkErator et al., Civ. No 2:15-cv-00346 (E.D. Wa.). The Amended Complaint alleges that Defendants sold certain water filters that contained a defect that can result in a filter failure and resulting flooding of the structures in which they are installed. This case is being brought by Richard Desio and Christopher Gouviea, also known as “Representative Plaintiffs.” The Representative Plaintiffs sued the following entities, also known as “Defendants”: InSinkErator and Emerson Electric Company. The proposed Settlement would resolve all claims in the class action lawsuits.

Settlement Pool





F-201 Water Filter Settlement

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