Intelius Background Check Class Action

Class Eligibility:

Anyone providing a credit card or debit card information to Intelius (or other websites it owns or operates) between 7/2007 and 8/2013. Intelius sells background check and identify theft information. As well as traditional employer background checks, they also sell background checks for online dating (InteliSign).

Estimated Amount:

You may opt for either

  • $225, plus a voucher for $75 worth of Intelius services
  • Three times (3 x) the amount you paid, plus a voucher equivalent to the amount you paid
Proof of Purchase:

Email address used to sign up for services. If making a claim for triple the amount paid, you also need to provide proof for the amount you paid.

Claim Form: Intelius Settlement Claim Form
Case Name: Smith, et al. v Intuit, Inc.,
Case No.: 5:12-cv-00222 (N.D. Cal.)
Case Summary:

It is alleged that people purchasing Intelius products were enrolled in membership programs that charged monthly fees (by a company called Adaptive Marketing LLC). For example, after purchasing something at Intelius, customers would be offered an opportunity to save $10 by partaking in a short survey … buried in the fine print what completing the survey actually meant was that they would find that they were now going to be charged $20 per month on their credit card which would continue until they noticed what was going on.

You can read more about their colorful history and this little scam here.

Settlement Pool: $9,500,000 cash plus $1,000,000 Intelius Vouchers
Settlement Website: Intelius Settlement Website
Claim Form Deadline: November 11, 2013
Claims Administrator: Intelius Post Transaction Settlement Administrator
c/o Calfo, Harrigan, Leyh & Eakes, LLP
999 Third Avenue, Suite 4400
Seattle, WA 98104
(888) 272-7095