Apple iPhone & iPod Touch Warranty Settlement

Class Eligibility:

iPhone or iPod Touch owners who were denied coverage under their warranty (either the standard one-year warranty or extended two year AppleCare warranty) on the basis of Apple’s Liquid Damage Policy.

Typically these denials were based on the Liquid Contact Indicatory (LCI) or Liquid Submersion Indicator (LSI) being red.

Estimated Amount:
Apple Product Amount
4GB $215
8GB $260
16GB $300
iPhone 3G  
8GB $215
16GB $215
iPhone 3GS  
16GB $215
32GB $215
iPod touch  
8GB $160
16GB $215
32GB $265
iPod touch (2nd Gen)  
8GB (Sep ’08) $125
8GB (Sep ’09) $105
16GB $160
32GB $210
iPod touch (3rd Gen)  
32GB $160
64GB $215

The actual number of payments may be lower or up to twice as high depending on the number of claims filed.

Proof of Purchase:

Serial number of device (or other identifying information)

Claim Form: Apple iPod Touch / iPhone Warranty Claim Form
Case Name: Welcome to the Home Page of the In re Apple iPhone/iPod touch Warranty Litigation,
Case No. 3:10-cv-01610-RS
Case Summary:

Plaintiffs allege that Apple would not provide warranty coverage to iPhone and iPod Touch owners whose units indicated liquid damage (liquid contact indicator or liquid submersion indicator (seen through headphone jack or dock connector) turned pink/red). They contend that the indicator can be triggered by humidity, and even if the unit was exposed to liquid this may not be the cause of the specific malfunction that the customer was experiencing. Apple denies the allegation. Before the case was decided, the two parties agreed to settle the case.

Settlement Pool: $53,000,000
Settlement Website: iPod / iPhone Warranty Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: October 21, 2013
Claims Administrator: Apple iPhone/iPod Warranty Litigation
Settlement Administrator
PO Box 41384
Providence, RI 02940-3184