Kettle Chips “All Natural” Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

Purchasers of certain Kettle Brand products in the U.S. between 1/03/2010 and 2/24/2015. Kettle Brand tortilla chips, potato chips and TIAS chips are covered by the class action settlement if they included the following words on their labels:

  • “All Natural”
  • “Natural”
  • “Naturally”
  • “Made with All Natural Ingredients”
  • “Natural Promise”
  • “Nothing artificial”
  • “No preservatives”
  • “Non-GMO”
  • “Non-GMO ingredients”
  • “Only natural colors and flavors”
  • “A Natural Obsession”
  • “Real food ingredients”
  • “Reduced Fat”
  • “__% Less Fat”
  • And/or any other derivation of “natural”

Estimated Amount

Up to $20 with proof of purchase or $10 without. It may be adjusted up or down based on the number of valid claims

Proof of Purchase

Not Required

Case Name

Klacko v. Diamond Foods Inc.,
Case No. 9:14-cv-80005
District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

The lawsuit resolves allegations that the manufacturer made false claims regarding the products under the Kettle Brand products that were allegedly mislabeled as natural, nothing artificial, and non-GMO. According to the plaintiffs the products unnatural, synthetic and/or artificial ingredients. Further, the plaintiffs allege the “Natural” language is central to the marketing of Kettle Brand products and is likely to deceive reasonable consumers.

Settlement Pool





Kettle Chips All Natural Settlement Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 43324
Providence, RI 02940-3324