LA Fitness Settlement

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers members of LA Fitness who cancelled their monthly dues between 5/18/2006 and 1/1/2013. The settlement excludes California & New Jersey members who are part of separate class actions.

Estimated Amount:

The settlement fund has two different tiers depending on your state, time of membership, and time of cancellation:

  • Class A – Florida (3/4/2007 – 1/1/2013, Washington (10/12/2007 – 1/1/2013), Texas (10/17/2010 – 1/1/2013), Michigan & Minnesota (1/1/2007 – 1/1/2013), Massachusetts (1/1/2009 – 1/1/2013), Connecticut + District of Columbia + Illinois + Maryland + New York + Wisconsin (1/1/2010 – 1/1/2013), Georgia + Indiana + Kenucky + Ohio + Virginia (1/1/2011 – 1/1/2013), Arizona + Oregon (1/1/2012 – 1/1/2013). Entitled them to one-third of the the additional month charged or a 45-day pass.
  • Class B – All others. 50% of additional dues (with proof of cancellation and complaint), or 60 day pass (no proof)
Proof of Purchase:

A postcard from the claims administrator is required to file a claim. If you did not get a postcard via mail, you will need to contact the claims administrator.

Proof of purchase is not required, but in most cases having proof of purchase will result in a better settlement payment.

Claim Form: LA Fitness Claim Form
Case Name:

Vaughn v. L.A. Fitness International, Case No. 11-cv-2644-MMB

Silver, et al. v. L.A. Fitness International, Case No. 10-cv-2326-MMB

Sible v. L.A. Fitness International, Case No. 13-cv-0255-MMB

Case Summary:

The plaintiffs alleged that LA Fitness breached its contract with customers by not promptly processing requests to cancel their month-to-month memberships and that requirements for notice were confusing and unfair.

Settlement Pool: unknown
Settlement Website: LA Fitness Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: August 9, 2013
Claims Administrator: U.S. Gym Settlement, Claims Administrator
c/o Gilardi & Co., LLC
P.O. Box 808003
Petaluma, CA 94975-8003
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