Louis Vuitton Class Action Settlement (CA Only)

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers those that used a credit card in a Louis Vuitton retail stores between 5/20/10 and 1/28/13 in the state of California, where personal information was requested and recorded for purposes unrelated to the transaction (i.e. not for shipping, special orders, holds, etc)

Estimated Amount:

Class memebers will receive a voucher. There are no details about how much that voucher will be worth.

Proof of Purchase:


Claim Form: Louis Vuitton Claim Form
Case Name: Deanna Morey v. Louis Vuitton North America,
Case No.: 3:11-cv-01517
Case Summary:

Plaintiff alleges that Louis Vuitton stores unlawfully collected personal information during credit card transactions in violation of California law. The case was settled prior to it being heard by the court.

Settlement Pool: Unknown
Settlement Website: Louis Vuitton Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: November 13, 2013
Claims Administrator: Louis Vuitton Settlement Administrator
c/o Class Action Administration, Inc.
P.O. Box 6848
Broomfield, CO 80021
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