Mariner Finance Class Action Settlement (Maryland Only)

Class Eligibility

You are a Class Member if you are a Maryland citizen who entered into a promissory note through June 29, 2018 with Mariner Finance

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Case Name

Hale v. Mariner Finance LLC,
Case No. 24C18000053

Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Maryland

Case Summary

The Lawsuit claims that in Class Member transactions, Mariner Finance charged refinancing charges and excluded those charges from the simple interest rate disclosed in the promissory notes, and that it retained a portion of insurance charges, and that such actions were in violation of Maryland law, and claims that a class action to address these issues can be maintained in court. Mariner Finance believes these claims are wrong and believes that it acted in accordance with Maryland law. Mariner Finance also believes that the Class Members agreed to pursue their claims individually in arbitration, so that a class action cannot be maintained in court. The Court has not decided any of these questions.

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Hale v. Mariner Finance LLC Lawsuit

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