Midland Credit Management Recorded Call Settlement

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers consumers who received calls from Midland Credit Management (MCM) and who were not informed that their calls were being recorded.

The settlement covers calls from 7/13/06 to 2/18/11 in the states of California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington

Estimated Amount:

The settlement provides $1,000 worth of debt relief to consumers who owe money to Midland. Consumers that do not owe money, will receive a pro-rata share of the the $4,500,000 settlement pool.

Proof of Purchase:

You are required to provide the phone number that received the call.

Claim Form: Midland Claim Form
Case Name: Daniel Pepper, et al. v. Midland Credit Management, Inc. and Encore Capital Group, Inc., Case No. 37-2011-00088752-CY-BT-CTL
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs alleged that MCM, while making debt collection phone calls, recorded customer phone calls without informing customers in violation of the law. MCM denies the claims, but the case was settled prior to be decided by the court.

Settlement Pool: $4,500,000
Settlement Website: Midland Credit Management Record Call Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: May 28, 2013
Claims Administrator: Recording Class Action
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 8060
San Rafael, CA 94912-8060
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