My Pillow False Advertisement Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

The members of this class include anyone who, between Apr. 26, 2012 and Oct. 13, 2016, purchased one or more products featuring the My Pillow brand

Estimated Amount


Those with proof of purchase may be able to claim more

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Armin Amiri v. My Pillow Inc.,
Case No. CIVDS1606479
County Superior Court for the State of California

Case Summary

This settlement resolves allegations that the manufacturer and marketer of my pillow made false claims regarding the performance and benefits of their pillows. These claims allowed them to charge a higher price for their product

According to their claims these pillows could help with sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs and other sleep disorders

My Pillow denies any wrongdoing but is settling to avoid the expenses of a trial

Settlement Pool





MyPillow Settlement

c/o Digital Settlements Group

P.O. Box 1561

West Palm Beach, FL 33402