Nasal Ease Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of Nasal Ease between 4/1/2010 and 2/25/2014.

Estimated Amount:
  • No Proof of Purchase – $5 per purchase up to a maximum of 3 purchases ($15)
  • Proof of Purchase – if you have receipts you can claim reimbursement for the purchase price shown on your receipt
Proof of Purchase:

Not required, however higher compensation is available if you have retained receipts

Claim Form: Nasal Ease Claim Form
Case Name: Hoover v. Hi‐Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.,
Case No.: EDCV 13‐00097 JGB (OPx)
(Central District of California, Eastern District)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege that Nasal Ease (a homeopathy product) falsely claimed that it could ease symptoms of allergies. The defendant’s deny the allegation. The case was settled prior to being decided by a court.

Settlement Pool: Not available
Settlement Website: Nasal Ease Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: February 24, 2014
Claims Administrator: Nasal Ease Settlement Administrator,
c/o CPT Group, Inc.,
16630 Aston,
Irvine, CA 92606
(888) 699-8593