New Balance Toning Shoes Settlement

Class Eligibility: The settlement covers New Balance Toning Shoes purchased between January 1, 2010, and August 29, 2012. The models names inlcude:

  • Rock&Tone
  • TrueBalance
  • Aravon Ria
  • Aravon Riley
  • Aravon Quinn
Estimated Amount: $100 per pair of shoes purchased.

Payouts may be reduced if the $2.3 million claim pool is oversubscribed.

Proof of Purchase: NOT required for claims for claims that are not more than $200.
May be required for claims over $200.
Claim Form: New Balance Toning Online Claim Form
Case Name: Kimerly Carey, et al. v. New Balance Athletic Shoes Inc. Case Number 11-cv-10001-LTS (D. Mass.)
Case Summary: The plaintiffs sued New Balance claiming the marketing of the New Balance Toning Shoes misrepresented the benefits of toning shoes (i.e. New Balance claimed there was some benefit, when there was none). New Balance stands by their products. The court did not decide the case, because the parties settled.

We think it is pretty funny that New Balance chased after Skechers to capitalize on the toning shoes fad, only to follow them face first into a lawsuit.

Settlement Pool: $2,300,000
Settlement Website:
Claims Administrator: New Balance Settlement
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 9903
Dublin, OH 43017-5803

(866) 893-0232

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