Nibco Plumbing Parts Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

All Persons that own or have owned at any time since January 1, 2005, a residential or commercial structure in the United States that contains or contained NIBCO’s Tubing, Fittings, or Clamps, including their spouses, joint owners, heirs, executors, administrators, mortgagees, tenants, creditors, lenders, predecessors, successors, trusts and trustees, and assigns (“Occupant Persons”); as well as all Persons who have standing and are entitled to assert a claim on behalf of any such Occupant Persons, such as but not limited to a builder, contractor, distributor, seller, subrogated insurance carrier, or other Person who has claims for contribution, indemnity or otherwise against NIBCO based on claims for Qualifying Leaks of the Tubing, Fittings, or Clamps with respect to such residential or commercial structures. The Settlement Class includes all Persons who subsequently purchase or otherwise obtain an interest in a property covered by this Settlement without the need of a formal assignment by contract or court order.

Estimated Amount


As a member of the class you will receive between 25% to 70% of the damage resulting from defective fittings

Proof of Purchase


This settlement will require a variety of supporting documentation for repairs, insurance claims etc

Case Name

Cole, et al. v. NIBCO Inc., & Meadow, et al. v. NIBCO Inc.
Case No. 3:13-cv-07871-FLW-TJB, & Case No. 3:15-cv-1124 respectively

U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee

Case Summary

The Plaintiffs filed two class action lawsuits asserting numerous claims against NIBCO alleging that its Tubing, Fittings, and Clamps (collectively the “Covered Products”) are defective and prone to leak causing water damage.

Settlement Pool





PEX System Settlement

c/o Angeion Group

PO Box 58086

1500 JFK Boulevard, Suite C31

Philadelphia, PA 19102