Northwest Hospital Charity Care Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

The “Settlement Class” is defined as:

All individuals (or their guardians or representatives) who within the Class Period (June 21, 2010 through July 31, 2017):

(a) received emergency care medical treatment in Northwest Hospital’s emergency department;

(b) were, at the time of service, “indigent” as defined by WAC 246-453-010( 4);

(c) were not covered by insurance or any other third-party source of payment, in whole (uninsured) or in part(underinsured), at the time of treatment; and

(d) were subject to collections without Northwest Hospital first affirmatively screening them for Charity Care Act eligibility by determining their income and family size.

Estimated Amount


Reimbursements and debt forgiveness are among the potential awards from this settlement

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Kamal Amrieh, et al. v. UW Medicine/Northwest d/b/a Northwest Hospital & Medical Center,
Case No. 16-2-14579-5-SEA

King County Superior Court

Case Summary

The Lawsuit alleges that Northwest Hospital violated Washington’s Charity Care laws by not affirmatively screening all emergency department patients for eligibility for financial assistance. Northwest Hospital believes that it fully complied with the Charity Care laws and denies all liability in the case. The settlement, which must be approved by the Court, would resolve the Lawsuit.

Settlement Pool





Amireh v. NW Hospital Settlement Administrator

c/o KCC Class Action Services LLC

P.O. Box 404041

Louisville, KY 40233-4041