NRG Residential Solar Solutions Do Not Call TCPA Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

The Court decided that this Settlement includes a Settlement Class of about 317,000 individuals in the United States who received a Telephone Call and as to whom NRG Residential was offered name and contact information as a “lead” by a lead generator as a result. All Settlement Class Members appear on a list in NRG Residential’s records of leads offered by lead generators (the “Class List”).

If you meet the above definition, you are a Settlement Class Member, unless you request exclusion from the Settlement. Most Persons within the Settlement Class will receive either an email summary of the notice or a postcard summary of the notice in the mail.

Estimated Amount


Class members will receive a pro rata share of the settlement pool

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Michael Dobkin v. NRG Residential Solar Solutions LLC,
Case No. 3:15-cv-05089

District Court for the District of New Jersey

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that NRG Residential placed or had third parties place prerecorded and/or autodialed calls to the telephones of consumers without their consent promoting the sale and leasing of residential solar panel systems. The suit further alleges that these calls were made to individuals whose telephone numbers were registered on the National Do-Not-Call Registry. The lawsuit alleges that, as a result of these calls, NRG Residential violated a federal law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

NRG Residential denies these allegations and contends that it acted with consumers’ consent, that the calls were not prerecorded and/or autodialed or made to numbers registered on the National Do-Not-Call Registry, that it is not responsible for calls made by third parties, or that the calls otherwise did not violate the Act. No court has decided who is right. The parties are entering into the Settlement to avoid further time-consuming and expensive litigation.

Settlement Pool





NRG Residential Call Settlement Administrator

c/o KCC Class Action Services, LLC

P.O. Box 404043

Louisville, KY 40233-4043


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