Open Energy SolarBlend Panels Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

The 35-watt Solar Tiles included in this Settlement were sold under a variety of names. The 50-watt Solar Tiles included in this Settlement were most commonly sold under the brand names SolarSave® or SolarBlendTM. The Solar Tiles may have been sold under various brand names including (but not limited to) the following:

  • 35W SolarSaveTM, 35W Solar Roofing Tiles, Applied Solar 3ft Roofing Tile, Applied Solar’s SolarSaveTMBIPV
  • OE-35, OE-50, Open Energy OE35 Solar Tile, Open Energy Roofing Tiles, Open Energy’s SolarSaveTM Roofing Tile, Open Energy SolarSaveTM Roof Tile OE-35, Open Energy’s SolarSaveTM PV Tiles
  • SolarSaveTM, SolarSaveTM OE-35, SolarSaveTM Roofing Tile, SolarSaveTM Roofing Tile Slate Grey 35, SolarSaveTM ST-35 SolarBlend, SB-50

Estimated Amount

Up to $2,500

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Brian Everett v. Pulte Group Inc., et al.,
Case No. SCV0033498,

Placer County Superior Court, California

Case Summary

The lawsuit claims that the Solar Tiles are defective. This Settlement does not involve or resolve any claims for bodily injuries. The Defendants have denied all claims in this case, including that the Solar Tiles present any type of safety risk. In addition, two of the Defendants (Suntech America and Open Energy) have declared bankruptcy, and the insurance companies for all Defendants have disputed coverage for the claims.

Settlement Pool





Everett v. Pulte Group Settlement

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