Organix Hair and Skin Care Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility: Purchasers of Organix Hair Care or Organix Skin Care products between 10/25/08 and 10/10/13.
Estimated Amount: $4 per purchase up to a maximum of 7 purchases ($28)
Proof of Purchase: Not required
Claim Form: Organix Claim Form
Case Name: Golloher, et al. v. Todd Christopher International, Inc. DBA Vogue International, et al.,
Case No.: C 12-06002-RS (N.Dist California)
Case Summary: The plaintiffs allege that Organix is misleading in implying that the product is Organic, which it is no. The Owners of Organix deny this claim – the product is mispelled after all! The parties settled the case before it was decided by a court.
Settlement Pool: $4,866,000
Settlement Website: Organix Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: March 17, 2014
Claims Administrator: Organix Class Settlement
Claims Administrator, c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 59029
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(855) 887-3482