Popchips Snacks Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of Popchips snacks between 1/1/2007 and 11/14/2013. Popchips flavors covered include:

  • original
  • sour cream & onion
  • barbeque
  • sea salt & vinegar
  • sweet potato
  • parmesan & garlic
  • jalapeno
  • cheddar
  • salt & pepper
  • chili lime
  • thai sweet chili
  • brown sugar & spice
  • nacho cheese tortilla chips
  • ranch tortilla chips
  • salsa tortilla chips
  • chili limón tortilla chips
  • katy’s kettle corn
  • salted caramel corn
  • hint of butter corn chips
  • cheddar corn chips
  • sea salt corn chips
  • salsa corn chips
  • sea salt rice chips
  • wasabi rice chips
  • golden cheddar multi grain chips
  • salted multi grain chips
  • olive oil veggie chips
  • tuscan herb veggie chips
  • sea salt veggie chips
Estimated Amount:

$10 cash or $20 in vouchers.

Note this is just an estimate and the amount may be more or less depending on the number of claims.

Proof of Purchase:

Not required.

Claim Form: Popchips Claim Form
Case Name: Tonya Kelly, et al. v Popchips Inc.,
Case No. 1316-CV11037
Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, at Kansas City
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs alleged that Popchips made claims of being “all natural and healthier.” Popchips denies the allegations but has agreed to settle.

I used to eat a lot of Popchips, they were the best option in the vending machine on my floor. I am flabagasted that these claims of being all natural are untrue. I thought they grow on the popchip tree, a close relative of the cotton-candy tree? Next thing you know, someone is going to tell me they aren’t local.

Settlement Pool: $2,400,000
Settlement Website: Popchip Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: July 7, 2014
Claims Administrator: Popchips Inc. Settlement
PO Box 3076
Faribault, MN 55021-2676