Potash Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers purchases of Potash or products containing Potash (some fertilizers, ice melt / snow melt, water softeners) between 2003 and 2012.

The settlement covers indirect purchases (i.e. you did not buy the defendants, but instead from a retailer, or wholesaler) for end-use (i.e. you used the product and did not sell it to someone else) from the following defendants including:

  • JSC Uralkali, JSC Silvinit, JSC Belarusian Potash Company, JSC International Potash Company
  • BPC Chicago L.L.C.
  • Agrium, Inc., Agrium U.S., Inc.
  • The Mosaic Company, Mosaic Crop Nutrition LLC,
  • Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
  • PCS Sales (USA), Inc.

How anyone is meant to know where their potash comes from is beyond us here at ClassActionRebates.com. But, these firms represent the vast majority of potash production, so we assume consumers are just meant to presume that if they bought potash it came from one of these defendants.

Estimated Amount:

The settlement fund contains a total of $20MM. The amount you will receive will depend on the number of claims filed. Claims are likely to be paid at around 1-2% of the purchase price of products you purchased.

Proof of Purchase:

NOT required

Claim Form: Potash Antitrust Online Claim Form
Paper Claim Form (PDF)
Case Name: In re Potash Antitrust Litigation (II), Case No. 1:08-CV-6910
Case Summary:

Potash is a mineral used in fertilizer, some snow melting solutions, and some water softening solutions. The plaintiffs allege that U.S., Canadian, Russian, and Belarus potash suppliers worked together to artificially restrict supply of Potash and drive up the price. The defendants claim they did nothing wrong, that they were just exchanging kitten photos, but nonetheless settled the case to avoid further litigation.

Trust attorneys to look of on the negative side. We see the defendants working together across countries like a United Nations of price fixers.

Settlement Pool: $20,000,000
Settlement Website: Potash Antitrust Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: September 2, 2013 (or later)
Claims Administrator: Potash Indirect Purchaser Litigation
Settlement Administrator
c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.
PO Box 170500
Milwaukee, WI 53217-8091