Quick Trim (Kardashian Weight Loss Supplement)

quick trim products

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers purchases of the Quick Trim between 8/14/2009 and 3/1/2013. It includes the following products:

  • Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater
  • Quick Trim Fast Cleanse
  • Quick Trim Extreme Burn
  • Quick Trim Burn & Cleanse
  • Quick Trim Hot Stix
  • Quick Trim Fast Shake
  • Quick Trim Satisfy
  • Quick Trim Celluslim
Estimated Amount:

The settlement fund includes three pools:

  • Purchased Directly From Quick Trim – automatic 50% of purchase price, or you may opt for a voucher for 200% of the purchase price
  • Purchased from a Retailer (Have Receipt) – 50% of purchase price, or voucher for 100% of retail value
  • Purchased from a Retailer (No Reciept) – 25% of purchase price, for maximum of 2 units (approx $10) or vouchers for 35% off (maximum of $42 purchase)
Proof of Purchase:

NOT required to make a claim, but settlement compensation is significantly higher if you are able to provide a proof of purchase.

Claim Form: QuickTrim Claim Form
Case Name: Anaya v. Quick Trim, LLC, et al., Case No. CIV VS 1201177 (Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Bernardino)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs claimed that Quick Trim Weight Loss Systems and their celebrity boosters, the Kardashian sisters, made misleading claims about the product’s ability to help you lose weight.

This is another case of moral decay in America. If you can’t rely on getting impartial expert medical advice from the Kardashian sisters about products they are endorsing, who can you trust. Everett Koop is turning in his grave.

Settlement Pool: uncapped
Settlement Website: Quick Trim Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: August 5, 2013
Claims Administrator: Anaya Supplement Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 2838
Portland, OR 97208-2838
(866) 328-1994