Qunol Liquid CoQ10 Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility: The settlement covers purchases of Qunol Liquid CoQ10 (co-enzyme Q10 / quten) purchased after January 31st, 2007 in packaging stating that Qunol offers “6x better absorption” or “six times better effectiveness.”
Estimated Amount: $3.55 per bottle purchased
Proof of Purchase: NOT required for a claims of 3 products ($10.65) or fewer.
Required for claims of 4+ products. Proof can take the form of a receipt or the original packaging.
Claim Form: Quten Claim Form
Case Name: In re Qunol Liquid Labeling Litigation, Case No. 8:11-cv-00173
Case Summary:

The Plaintiffs sued the makers of Liquid Qunol CoQ10 (The Quten Research Institute & Tishcon Corp.) for falsely representing that their product was six times more effective than regular co-enzyme Q10. The parties reached a settlement before the case was decided.

Settlement Pool: Unlimited
Settlement Website: Quten Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: March 11, 2013
Claims Administrator: Claims Administrator
In re Qunol Liquid Labeling Litigation
13101 Preston Rd. #408
Dallas, TX 75225


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