RailWorks Coleman Settlement

Class Eligibility

You may be a Class Member if you are currently or formerly an employee, a beneficiary or dependent of an employee or former employee, or an IRS form 1099 vendor of RailWorks Corporation and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates. If you received notice of this settlement, it is because the records of RailWorks show that your PI was potentially compromised in the Security Incident on or around January 14, 2020.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Coleman v. RailWorks Corporation,
Case No. 1:20-cv-02428-GBD (OTW)

United States District Court
Southern District of New York

Case Summary

RailWorks Corporation (“RailWorks,” including all of its subsidiaries and affiliates, for the purposes of this website) is alleged to have failed to secure the personal information (“PI”) of certain former and current RailWorks employees, the aforementioned employees’ beneficiaries and dependents, and vendors who received an IRS form 1099. It is further alleged that the PI was potentially compromised on or around January 14, 2020, when a cyberattack was perpetrated against RailWorks (the “Security Incident”). RailWorks denies such allegations.
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Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 2530
Portland, OR 97208-2530


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