Skechers Toning Shoes Settlement

Class Eligibility: The settlement covers Skechers Toning line of shoes purchased between August 1st, 2008, and August 13, 2012. The models covered include:

  • Shape-ups Rocker Bottom Shoes (Shape-ups)
  • Resistance Runner Rocker Bottom Shoes (Resistance Runners)
  • Shape-ups Toners / Trainers and Tone-ups with Podded Outsoles (Podded Sole Shoes)
  • Tone-up Non-Podded Sandal, Boots, Blogs & Trainers (Tone-Ups Non-Podded Sole)
Estimated Amount: ModelEstimateMaximum

Shape-Ups $40 $80
Resistance Runners $42 $80
Podded Sole Shoes $20 $40
Tone-Ups Non-Podded Sole $27 $50
The claim amounts may be higher than the estimate if the claim pool of $40 million is not exhausted (up to the maximum), and it may be lower than the estimate if the claim pool gets exhausted.
Proof of Purchase: NOT required for claims under $200.
May be required for claims over $200 or if $40 million claim pool is not exhausted (up to the maximum), and it may be lower than the estimate if the claim pool gets exhausted.
Claim Form:
Case Name: Grabowski v. Skechers U.S.A. , Inc., No. 3:12-cv-00204 (W.D. Ky.) ( “Grabowski Action”)
Case Summary: The plaintiffs (and the FTC) claim that Skechers misrepresented their toning shoes as having benefits related to muscle toning that they did not in fact have. Skechers denies this charge, and claims that the benefits of Skechers toning shoes are supported by several studies. The court did not decide the case, but the parties decided to settle the matter.

We would like to congratulate the attorney at the Federal Trade Commission for pursuing this matter with such vigor and helping win this $40 settlement for consumers. What more important issue is there in our nation than false claims that wearing a silly shoes will tone your buttocks. It is outrageous that ordinary honest Americans invested their hard earned money into Skechers toning shoes and did not receive the Kim Kardashian derriere they were entitled to expect. What is the world coming to when a hard working American isn’t entitled to believe the manufacturer’s claims of magic shoes.

Hopefully the check will arrive just in time to get the new Ben and Jerrys Rock Hard Abs.

Settlement Pool: $40,000,000
Settlement Website:
Claims Administrator: Class Action Consulting
18675 Lake Drive East
Chanhassen, MN 55317
Phone: 952.404.5700
Fax: 952.404.5750