Southwest Airlines Drink Voucher Settlement

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers unredeemed Southwest drinks vouchers obtained through the purchase of a Business Select ticket, prior to August 1, 2010. The settlement allows customers with unredeemed vouchers to swap them for new ones, even if they no longer have the original in your possession.

Estimated Amount:

For each valid claim you will receive a replacement voucher valid for a drink on a Southwest flight.

Proof of Purchase: You do not have to still have the actual drink voucher coupon in your possession.
Claim Form: Southwest Airlines Drink Voucher Claim Form
Case Name: In re Southwest Airlines Voucher Litigation, Case No. 11-cv-8176
Case Summary:

Southwest Airlines issues drinks coupons to customers who purchase a Business Select tickets. On August 1, 2010 Southwest began only honoring coupons on the day of the flight for which the vouchers were issues. The plaintiffs in the case claim that this violates the contract that Southwest had with customers who previously received vouchers, that were issued without restrictions on when they could be redeemed.

Before the case was decided by the court, the parties agreed to settle the case.

Settlement Website: Southwest Airlines Drink Voucher Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: September 2, 2013
Claims Administrator: SWA Business Select Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 4109
Portland, OR 97208-4109