Sports Warehouse Fake Sale Class Action Settlement (California Only)

Class Eligibility

You are included in the settlement as a “Settlement Class Member” if you (1) purchased merchandise from Sports Warehouse that was advertised with a price comparison (2) were a citizen of the State of California at the time of the purchase, and (3) made your purchase between January 17, 2013 and October 23, 2017 (the “Settlement Class Period”).

Estimated Amount


To summarize, the amount of your cash payment will be determined based on the total number of qualifying purchases you made during the Settlement Class Period in relation to the total number of qualifying purchases made by all Settlement Class Members during the Settlement Class Period who submit approved Claim Forms.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

McDuffee v. Sports Warehouse,
Case No. 37-2017-00001781-CU-BT-NC

Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of San Diego

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that Sports Warehouse engaged in a scheme of false price comparison advertising during the period beginning from January 17, 2013 through October 23, 2017. Plaintiff claims that Sports Warehouse’s conduct violated California law prohibiting advertising goods for sale as discounted from former prices which are false and prohibiting misleading statements about the existence and amount of price reductions. Plaintiff alleges claims on a class basis for the following causes of action: (1) Violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law (“UCL”), California Business & Professions Code section 17200, et seq., (2) Violation of California’s False Advertising Law, Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 17500, et seq. (“FAL”), (3) Violation of California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, California Civil Code § 1750, et seq. (“CLRA”), (4) Breach of Contract, (5) Breach of Express Warranty, and (6) Unjust Enrichment.

Settlement Pool





Sports Warehouse Settlement

c/o CPT Group Inc.

50 Corporate Park

Irvine, CA 92606