California Sprint Early Termination Fee Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

If (1) you are the Account Holder and had a Sprint cellphone account for personal use, with a California area code and a California billing address, (2) you paid one or more Sprint flat-rate ETFs for an early contract termination that occurred on or after July 10, 1999 and on or before March 18, 2007, or paid an ETF under a Nextel cellphone contract that was initiated on or after August 12, 2005, and terminated on or before March 18, 2007 and (3) you submit a claim on or before April 25, 2017, then you may be eligible to recover $125 for each ETF you paid.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

Ayyad v. Sprint Spectrum L.P.,
Case No. RG03-121510
Superior Court of California, County of Alameda

Case Summary

The settlement alleges that the ETFs Sprint charged to and collected from Class Members for terminated contracts during the class Period were unlawful under California law. The court was asked to prohibit the provided from charging ETFs In addition they requested the Court to refund to the members of the Class the ETFs that the Class Members had paid.

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Sprint California ETF Settlement

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