Stoneridge Clutch Safety Interlock Class Action Settlement (Chrysler Cars)

Class Eligibility

The Settlement Class includes United States residents who currently own vehicles equipped with manual transmissions that incorporate CSIDs built between February 24, 2005 and January 1, 2007 (the “Relevant Period”). As explained below, each CSID has a date code that can be used by the Claims Administrator to determine whether it was built during the Relevant Period. Chrysler is conducting recall campaigns supervised by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that apply to some of these vehicles, and vehicles that are subject to the recall campaigns are excluded from the Settlement Class. More information about the Chrysler recalls is available at Also excluded from the Settlement Class are Stoneridge and its affiliates, the Released Parties, and all Settlement Class Members who timely and validly request exclusion from the Settlement Class.

Estimated Amount


Under the Settlement, which remains subject to Court approval, Stoneridge will provide all participating Class Members with a free replacement CSID. The retail value of a replacement CSID is approximately $80.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Royal, et al. v. Stoneridge Control Device Inc., et al.
Case No. 5:14-cv-01410-F

District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma

Case Summary

Plaintiffs claim that the CSIDs in certain Chrysler vehicles equipped with manual transmissions are defective because they contain return springs that may fatigue. CSIDs operate to prevent ignition unless a vehicle’s clutch pedal is depressed. Plaintiffs claim that fatigued return springs in a CSID can fail such that a driver is able to engage the engine starter motor without the clutch pedal being depressed, which could result in unintended vehicle movement without warning. The same alleged defect could also prevent engine startup without prior warning, which could cause a crash. Plaintiffs allege that Stoneridge is contractually obligated to indemnify owners of vehicles containing the CSIDs for damages they have sustained, namely the need to replace their CSIDs. Stoneridge denies that the subject CSIDs are defective and denies that it owes any indemnity obligations to any of the owners of vehicles containing the subject CSIDs.

Settlement Pool





Rickey Royal, et al v. Stoneridge Control Device Inc.

c/o Heffler Claims Group

P.O. Box 58819

Philadelphia, PA 19102-8819