Trace Staffing – Background Check Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

You may be a member of the settlement if you applied for a job with, or were employed by, Trace Staffing Solutions and were required to take a background check between January 8, 2017 and April 30, 2020.

Estimated Amount

Up to $33

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Case No. 8:19-cv-243-T-36CPT,

United States District Court, Middle District of Florida

Case Summary

Trace Staffing is accused of violating the FCRA (“Fair Credit Reporting Act”) by: (1) failing to disclose to its job applicants/future employees that it was obtaining a consumer report about them for employment purposes; (2) failing to obtain the proper authorization to do so; and (3) committing other violations of the job applicant’s/employee’s rights relating to loss of privacy through various entities’ background checks as well as state and federal disclosures.

Settlement Pool


Claims Deadline

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Opt-out Deadline ended last 06/22/2020. The Objection Deadline passes by the end of 07/16/2020. Please do *not* post a comment here about your decision to object to the settlement. You need to file that *directly* via the Settlement website; we are *not* the Claims Administrator of this case. We are only posting the news about it. Thank you for your kind attention.)


Class Counsel:Brandon J. Hill, Esq.
1110 N.Florida Avenue,
Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33602
Telephone: 813-224-0431

Settlement Administrator:Harake Class Action
c/o Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 23309
Jacksonville, FL 32241
Telephone: 800-564-5880


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Please check the Settlement Homepage and FAQs (linked above) for:
-your personal eligibility as a customer,
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