TurboTax Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

TurboTax customers, between 1/12/2008 and 5/28/2013, who used the option to have turbo tax fees deducted from their refund (instead of paying the fees upfront).

Estimated Amount:

The settlement will divide the $6,550,000 claim fund among the class members. We guestimate that claims will be worth around $30. (The official guidance suggests that you are likely to receive more than $10 – we think that figure is a little conservative)

Proof of Purchase:

Last four digits of social security number.

Claim Form: Turbo Tax Settlement Claim Form
Case Name: Smith, et al. v Intuit, Inc.,
Case No.: 5:12-cv-00222 (N.D. Cal.)
Case Summary:

TurboTax has an option to deduct their fee from your tax refund instead of paying upfront. It is alleged that Turbo Tax and it’s maker Inuit did not adequately disclose that this was infact a loan with a finance charge and an interest rate (typically around $30) in violation of Federal Truth-in-Lending laws. Intuit and TurboTax deny the claims. The case was settled prior to being heard by a court.

Settlement Pool: $6,500,000
Settlement Website: TurboTax Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: October 28, 2013
Claims Administrator: TurboTax Class Action Settlement Administrator
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 220
Philadelphia, PA 19105-0220
(888) 980-9394