Urban Active Fitness Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Anyone who signed a gym membership or personal training contract with Urban Active between 1/1/06 and 10/26/12.

Estimated Amount:

The settlement provides compensation as follows:

  • Gym Membership – if you signed a gym membership between 1/1/06 and 10/26/12 you are eligible for $5.
  • Facility Improvement Fee – if you were assessed a facility improvement fee, club administrative fee, or other biannual $15 fee between 4/1/109 and 26/12/2012 you are eligible for $20.
  • Gym Cancellation Fee – if you canceled your contract between 1/1/06 and 10/26/12 you are eligible for $20
  • Personal Training Cancellation Fee – if you cancelled personal training between 1/1/06 and 10/26/06 you are eligible for $30.

The amounts are cumulative, so you can claim in multiple categories.

Proof of Purchase:

Purchaser name

Claim Form: Urban Active Claim Form
Case Name: Amber Gascho, et al., v. Global Fitness Holdings, LLC,,
Case No.: 2:11-cv-436 (SE Dist. Ohio)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege that Urban Active breached contracts, and violated state consumer protection laws with it’s fees and billing practices. The defendant denies the claims. The case was settled prior to it being decided by a court.

Settlement Pool: $1,300,000 minimum
Settlement Website: Urban Active Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: December 30, 2013
Claims Administrator: Urban Active Settlement
c/o Dahl Administration
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614