Vioxx Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Consumers that purchased Vioxx and had to pay some out-of-pocket expenses prior to 10/1/2004 (i.e. you are not eligible if you insurance company paid the entire cost). The settlement exclude some participants in previous settlements, and some participants in state cases.

Estimated Amount:

The settlement will provide up to $50 (if you only have a prescription), or out-of-pocket expense (if you have receipts, EOBs, or pharmacy records). You can also claim up to $75 for treatment for medical expenses associated with post-withdrawl medical consultations associated with using Vioxx.

Proof of Purchase:

Required. The settlement requires proof of purchase (receipt, EOB, pharmacy records, or prescription).

The requirement of receipts for purchases that were all before 2004 is ridiculous. This will ensure that claims can only be made by obsessive receipt hoarders. We have never seen such a silly proof of purchase requirement and would encourage those that are equally annoyed to write to the court to express their extreme displeasure and ask for this requirement to be removed.

Claim Form: Vioxx Claim Form (click Request Claimant Access button)
Case Name: In re Vioxx Products Liability Litigation,
Case No. 05-md-01657 (E.D. La.)
Case Summary:

It is alleged that Vioxx was falsely marketed by Merck as being better than other drugs such as ibuprofen when these benefits were not established. It is also alleged that the labeling of Vioxx did not comply with FDA regulations.

Settlement Pool: $23,000,000
Settlement Website: Vioxx Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: May 6, 2014
Claims Administrator: The Vioxx Consumer Claims Administrator
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 26882
Richmond, VA 23261
(866) 439-6932