Walmart Coupon Class Action Settlement (Pennsylvania Only)

Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if at any time on or after June 8, 2007, you purchased a taxable item at any Walmart location in PA and you used a coupon.
The Judge in this case decided that the Class consists of all individuals who (a) on or after June 8, 2007, purchased any item(s) from a Walmart store in Pennsylvania that was subject to payment of sales tax, (b) received a discount on that item or those items by virtue of a “buy one, get one free” discount or coupon, a store coupon, or a manufacturer’s coupon, and (c) was charged or paid sales tax on the original purchase price of the item(s) without deducting the amount of the discount before calculating the sales tax.

Estimated Amount

Gift Cards of $30 to $100

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Farneth v. Walmart Stores Inc.,
Case No. GD13-11472,

Court of Common Pleas in Allegheny County, Pennyslvania.

Case Summary

A class action lawsuit was brought on June 8, 2013, which alleged that Pennsylvania law requires retailers like Walmart to deduct the value of coupons used in a purchase before calculating the amount of sales tax owed on the purchase. The lawsuit also alleged that Walmart’s receipts were confusing regarding the sales tax that was collected, and that Walmart was able to deduct the value of the coupon before charging sales tax, but did not do so. Walmart denies that it did anything wrong, and contends that it received an opinion from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue that allowed Walmart to collect the tax.

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Walmart Coupon Class Action Settlement

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