Generic Wellbutrin XL Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers consumers that purchased a Wellbutrin Generic XL (150mg or 300mg) at a pharmacy in California, Florida, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, or Wisconsin between 12/15/2006 and 4/29/2011 (300mg) or between 5/29/2008 and 4/29/2011 (150mg).

To be eligible you needed to pay for the prescription completely out of pocket, or paid a co-pay that was a percentage of the Generic Wellbutrin XL cost.

Estimated Amount:

The settlement doesn’t provide estimates of what a consumer is likely to receive out of the $12 million dollar settlement pool. However we find that typically medical insurance companies will collect the majority of the settlement and we guesstimate that the average consumer claim will result in a payment in the region of $50.

Proof of Purchase:

NOT required for claims of purchases under $50.

Required for claims of purchases exceeding $50. But, note you only need to provide one proof of purchase, not proof for every purchase you made.

Claim Form: Wellbutrin XL Claim Form
Case Name: In re: Wellbutrin XL Antitrust Litigation,
Case No. 2:08 – cv – 2433
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs alleged that the makers of antidepressant Wellbutrin XL unlawfully maintained a monopoly over Wellbutrin XL and by doing so resulted in an increase in the cost of Wellbutrin Generics.

Settlement Pool: $11,750,000
Settlement Website: Generic Wellbutrin XL Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: May 31, 2013
Claims Administrator: Wellbutrin XL Indirect Purchasers
Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 973
London, KY 40743-0973