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Kroger Data Breach Class Action Suit
There is a settlement holding the Defendant (The Kroger Co.) accountable for alleged damages arising from the “large and preventable” third-party vendor Accellion data breach that exposed the personal — and in some cases, financial — information of Kroger’s past and current employees and staff in or around December 2020.

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Up to $5,000



Godiva Class Action Settlement
You may be a Class Member if you are a resident of the United States who purchased one or more Godiva Chocolate Products from either Godiva or a retail establishment between January 31, 2015 through October 26, 2021.

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Up to $15 (w/o proof), or $25 (w/ proof)



Ez-Flo Class Action Settlement
Individuals who own or owned a property unit(s) in the U.S. that contains or has ever contained a qualifying product manufactured no more than ten years before the effective date.

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Up to $3,500



DuraPro Toilet Connector Class Action Settlement
U.S. Residents who (a) owns, owned, leases, or leased, any kind of residence or structure containing an eligible DuraPro™ Toilet Connector with a plastic Coupling Nut; or (b) suffers or suffered Property Damage due to a DuraPro™ Toilet Connector Plastic Coupling Nut failure.

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RW Coleman Settlement
Current or former employees, or beneficiaries/dependents of current/former employees, or IRS form 1099 vendors of RailWorks Corporation and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

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Up to $50



Equifax Data Breach Class Action Settlement
U.S. Residents who were affected by the September 2017 Equifax data breach,

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Up to $125



Whirlpool Refrigerator Class Action Settlement
Individuals who purchased a new eligible refrigerator, acquired an eligible refrigerator as part of the purchase or remodel of a home, or received an eligible refrigerator as a gift.

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Up to $150



When a company settles a class action lawsuit for a product you have purchased, you will often be eligible for a cash payment as compensation. But, to get your compensation payment, you need to make sure you are filing claim forms for the settlements. Here’s how:

Step 1: Find Products You Purchased

First you need to find open settlements for products you may have purchased. Take Look at our list of open class action settlements.

When deciding whether to file a claim, look at what the estimated payout will be, and whether you need a proof of purchase. For some of the settlements the payouts are too small to be worth bothering. Additionally, some settlements have proof of purchase requirements. While most settlements require no proof of purchase, others have unreasonable requirements such as needing a receipt from a purchase made 5 years ago, and if you don’t have the receipt you should not bother filing.

Step 2: Fill out the claim form

Once you have found settlements for which you are eligible, click through to the settlement claim form. Fill out the online claim form, which will usually require you to enter your name and address as well as the number of products you purchased, and then submit your claim.

If you are confused regarding the eligibility for the settlement of the conditions of the settlement, you can often find more information in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the settlement website.

Step Three: Get your Check in the Mail

Once your claim has been approved, your claim check will be mailed out to you at the address you provided. Most claims checks are mailed 1-2 months after the claims period closes.

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